Your summary and starting place
After signing-in, you will be taken to the Dashboard page. The dashboard provides an overview of your organization along with deep-links to respective areas of the app.
Dashboard after first sign-in

Dashboard Items

After signing-in, you will be taken to the Dashboard page. The dashboard provides an overview of your organization along with deep-links to respective areas of the app.

1 - Name icon

You can use this button for the following features
Name icon
  • Edit your user profile
  • Toggle between dark and light themes
  • Open a support request
  • Sign out of the tool

2 - Settings icon

Settings button houses the following features
  • Users - Enables you to view, add, disable, delete, update users, user roles
  • Single Sign-on - Enables you to configure single sign-on (SSO) for your organization
  • Organization - View or Edit your organization settings
  • Discovery Logs - View the status of your discovery jobs

3 - Lock icon

Lock button houses the credential features. You will have to be an admin in configure8 for this icon to be enabled.
  • You can view, add, edit, disable, delete credentials for your org. You can also schedule a discovery job for credentials that allow auto discovery.

4 - Information icon

Information button provides easy access to the documentation and support features.
information pages
  • Help Center - Get to the documentation pages easily
  • Support Request - Open a support ticket
Global Search across all aspects of data like services, environments, applications, resources, persons, etc.
global search

6 - Explorer

Get answers to powerful questions across your entire catalog
  • You can add new query, view existing queries, edit queries, deep link to your data.

7 - Resources

View all your cross-account, cross-geo, cross-cloud resources in one place.
  • View Resources
  • Filter Resources by cloud provider type, your cloud accounts, your resource types, etc
  • Search by name or other details of your resource
  • View details about each resource
  • Deep link into your cloud provider dashboard directly
  • Map resources to environments

8 - Catalog

Access your services, environment, application related features
catalog menu
  • Services - View, create, edit, visualize services. A service can be a standard service associated with a repository, or a service that is associated to an external entity with no repository. You can also add plug-ins to the services, view CI/CD options, dependencies, environments, documentation, owners, etc to the services for a single glass pane view.
  • Environments - View, edit, map, visualize environments to various cloud resources as well as services.
  • Applications - Group your services into an application. You can create, edit, add services, visualize your applications as well as deep link into your service configurations.

9 - Stats

View the stats on your organization as well deep link to the respective areas of your organization within the configure8 app.
dashboard stats
  • Applications - Number of applications in your org
  • Services - Number of services in your org
  • Environments - Number of environments in your org
  • Resources - Number of cloud resources in your org
  • Credentials - Number of credentials in your org
  • Users - Number of users in your org

10 - Create Something New

Shortcuts to your frequently used features
  • Connect a Cloud Provider - Shortcut to creating a cloud credential and associating your cloud account.
  • Connect a Source Control Provider - Shortcut to creating a repository credential and associating your source control provider account.
  • Map your First Service - Shortcut to creating a service and connecting all relevant information about your service.
  • Associate Cloud Resources to Your Service - Shortcut to mapping your cloud resources to a service environment.