For Engineers

Supported Use Cases
  • I Want My Single Pane: It’s difficult to to get a comprehensive view of the services I care about - from operations, to builds, to tasks, owners, and more. The number of different tools I need to be an expert in, plus all of the different rabbit holes I have to go down along the way, make debugging or even simple monitoring so much more difficult than it needs to be. I just wish it was all in one place!
    • What are all of the dependencies of the service I’m working on?
    • What are the costs associated with running Service A, B, and C? How do they compare?
    • How can I quickly determine who is responsible for each component of my service-based application?
    • When was the build deployed successfully last to production?
    • What are the next development tasks this sprint?
    • Are there too many open pull requests? If so, who should I poke?
    • How do I get to the log of a machine running the service?
  • On-call stress: Engineers get stressed going on-call without a solution like configure8 (imagine being woken up at 3am to fix a broken service and not knowing who owns that service, where the documentation is, where the runbook of a service is that the impacted one depends on that you’ve never seen before, where to find key metrics inside other tools you might not be familiar with in order to to resolve the situation)
  • Struggle to confidently deploy new code because they don’t have up-to-date dependency information and knowledge of other services or who to contact when a dependency is misbehaving
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