For Managers

Supported Use Cases
  • Improve your developers’ experience
    • Faster onboarding of new hires
    • Preserve knowledge during times of transition. Extract knowledge from people’s heads and put it into a living catalog
  • Command Central
    • See all your application, services and infrastructure in one place
    • Understand dependencies and dependants
    • See performance, reliability, security and cost metrics
  • Alleviate on-call stress by configuring a view into the on-call schedule and personnel
  • View into the services and various tools
  • CI/CD pipelines status and deep-links to runs.
  • View projects with install dependencies issues
  • View resource versioning and timelines
  • Insights on resource performance
  • Insights into code quality
  • Security and maturity scenarios (i.e., log4j on services and machines; who hasn’t upgraded to latest version [x])
  • Scorecard scenarios (COMING SOON) – see the 5 traditional scenarios around
    • Operational Readiness,
    • Operational Maturity,
    • Production Readiness Reviews,
    • DORA
  • Cloud costs
  • Staffing insights
  • Compliance / Audit support (i.e., see what touches PII, etc.)
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