Setting up Services Scorecards

Establish meaningful standards, help developers improve, and measure their progress. Powered by your catalog, configure8's scorecards enable your organization to define standards, programmatically evaluate them, and give teams the optics and motivation they need to improve.
Configure8 implements dozens of checks for a powerful Scorecards building. Set up your first Scorecard in configure8 using this quick steps:
  1. 2.
  2. 4.
    Add the scorecard plug-in on your Service page
Once you completed those steps you can see the scorecards real-time in your services pages:
Scorecards plugin on Service page
Or you can see all the services status for a applied Scorecard going to the Scorecard page:
Read more about Scorecards in the complete sections below:
Read Scorecard Basics to learn how to create and manage scorecards.
Read Scorecard Checks to learn about configure8's scorecard checks.
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