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This sample step-by-step configuration is to expand your services data in configure8 with a cost center field. It can be adapted to extend your services with other types of data.

To define a cost center and make it linked with the service you need to create a new schema.

With the type dropdown, you need to select 'base' and put a sub type to differentiate it from other schemas.

Now we need to define the required columns for the cost center. For this example, we are going to use a simple structure. We will have only one property allocation. We can do it in the following section:

Full JSON for the "From JSON Schema"

  "type": "object",
  "required": [
  "properties": {
    "allocation": {
      "description": "The percent of the allocated costs",
      "type": "number",
      "title": "Allocation"

Our next step is to add an additional column for this schema.

    "hidden": false,
    "columnName": "Allocation",
    "name": "allocation",
    "calc": "details.allocation"

The only thing left is to add the relation between the service and cost center.

We also need to set the relation type:

It should be set to one to many. It means that each cost center might have multiple services and each service might be attached only to one cost center.

After the schema creation, you will see that a new item appears in the catalog menu:

Now you can add a new cost center. Click on the cost center item and you will be navigate to the cost centers list page.

Press the Add New Entity button. You must fill in the data with the following and press the add button

After successfully creating the cost center you will be navigated to its page:

You can see two tabs on this cost center page. The first one contains entity details and the second one lists the services that are attached to this cost center. Switch to the services tab and press + Select New Entity button.

You'll be navigated to the page where you can add the relations to the services.

Select one of them and press the 'Select' button. Now you will see that your cost center will have a relation with the service:

If you navigate to the service page you will see that it also shows you this relation on the right side:

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