CircleCI is a continuous integration and continuous delivery platform that can be used to implement DevOps practices.

Summary - Creating a CircleCI Credential

  1. Create a personal API token in CircleCI. Copy the token to a secure location.

  2. Go to configure8 app -> Settings -> Credentials -> Add Credential and select CircleCI credential provider.

  3. Set up name for the Credential and fill info based on this.

  4. Hit Save. The credentials will be checked and a discovery job will start. Done!


In order to get started with embedding your CircleCI pipelines in configure8, you must create a new personal API token. PAT's are unique to your organization. A PAT is required by configure8 to read your branch and pipeline information from CircleCI.

You can review the full instructions for creating a personal API token here.

Creating a personal API token

  1. In the CircleCI application, go to your User settings.

  2. Click the Create New Token button.

  3. In the Token name field, type a memorable name for the token.

  4. Click the Add API Token button.

  5. After the token appears, copy and paste it to another location. You will not be able to view the token again.

To delete a personal API token, click the X in the Remove column and confirm your deletion in the dialog window.

Creating a CircleCI Credential

To connect your CircleCI account to configure8, perform the following steps.

Start by navigating to the Credentials page by clicking on the "lock" icon on the menu bar.

Next, select the Add Credential button.

From the Add Credential pop-up, select CircleCI from the list of available providers.

Next, enter the information required for your credential.

  • Name: a recognizable alias for the new credential

  • Personal API Token: this is the CircleCI personal API Token you generated in the prerequisite section

Select Save to create your CircleCI credential in configure8. The configure8 app will automatically validate the credentials to make sure they work. If they do not, the credentials will not be saved and you will be prompted to fix them.

Configuring CircleCI for your Services

Adding a CircleCI plug-in to your service will embed a pipeline view of your branches directly on your service overview page. To add a CircleCI plug-in to your service, start by selecting a service from your catalog Services listing.

From your service overview page, select the Add Plug-in button.

From the Plugins dialog, browse through the list of available plugins and select the CircleCI plug-in clicking on the Add button.

In the Plug-ins configuration wizard, select an existing credential to connect to the selected plugin provider. If you do not have an existing credential or would like to use a new credential, select the Add Credential button and follow the steps above.

Next, enter the information required for your CircleCI plug-in configuration.

  • Plugin Title: the title of the plug-in to display on the service overview page

  • Project: select the project from CircleCI to be shown on the plug-in

Once you have entered all the required configuration information, select Done. Your configured plug-in is added to the service overview page.

CircleCI is not a realtime system when it comes to pushing all their data. If you look on your "Insights" page in CircleCI they state "Please note that the data below is not real time and there may be up to a 24 hour delay". We have found that pipeline information is fairly timely but the branches visibility does take several hours before being available from their API.

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