Resources are items that can range from infrastructure (ie database, server, VPC, etc.) to external services (ie source repository, CI/CD infrastructure, on-call system, monitoring system, documentation, etc.). Resources are associated with 1 or more services.

Working with Resources

Resources are automatically added when you connect to a cloud provider. Go to our Plug-in section to look up your cloud providers and it will walk you through the steps to create the credentials for them. Once you have set up your credentials and the synch job has been completed, you will see a list of your resources under the Resources tab on the top level menu.

You can select different filters to find a particular service using the Filter options on the right side.

Mapping Resources to Services and Environments

Mapping from a Service's Environments Page

You can map cloud resources to services and environments directly from a service's Environments page. Navigate to the desired service and click on the Environments tab. If the environment you wish to map resources to is not present, see the instructions on Adding an Environment. Click View.

Select +Map resources on the environment page

Select the resources you wish to map and click Map on the bottom of the screen. You can use the same filters present on the Cloud Resources page as well as search to make finding resources easier.

Mapping from the Cloud Resources Page

You can map cloud resources to services and environments directly from the cloud resources page. To do this, you must already have your services and environments created and associated. From the Cloud Resources page, select the resources you wish to map. In the Selected dropdown, choose Map to a Service.

Select which service and environment to map them to.

Now, if you go to that service and environment, you will see the resources for that service / environment.

Resource Auto Mapping

Resources can be automatically mapped to environments. See Resource Auto Mapping for more details.

You can also link directly to that resource in your cloud provider's console, by clicking on the Action menu to the right of the resource. This link will open the console of your cloud provider and take you directly to that particular resource.

Links are dependent on cloud provider implementation. If you do not see a link for a particular resource, it is not enabled at this time. These will expand over time.

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