Secrets allow you to store and use sensitive information in Configure8. Use them in your self-service actions to protect tokens/keys and other sensitive information.

Create a Secret

  1. You can find your Secrets management page in Settings.

  1. Click Add Secret.

  1. Toggle Status (optional field by default is true).

  2. In the Name field, type a name for your secret.

  3. In the Identifier field, type an identifier for your secret.

  4. In the Value field, enter the value for your secret.

  5. Click Save.

After saving you will not be able to see Secret Value or edit Identifier.

Only admins can view/create/update/delete Secrets.

Naming your Secrets

  • Identifiers can only contain alphanumeric characters ([a-z], [A-Z], [0-9]), or underscores (_). Spaces are not allowed.

  • Identifiers are case-sensitive (token and TOKEN will be different).

  • Identifiers must be unique.

Update Secrets

  1. Click Edit in the action column on the row.

  2. Switch Status to false and disable your Secret.

  3. In the Name field, type a new updated name for your secret.

  4. In the Identifier field, it is a read-only field you can not change it.

  5. In the Value field, enter a new updated value for your secret.

  6. Click Update, and click Continue to confirm.

Delete Secrets

  1. Click Remove in the action column on the row.

  2. Click Remove to confirm.

Using Secrets in the Configure8

How to use Secrets in a Self-Service Action

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