Some resources (like servers, databases, etc.) will belong to a specific environment (production, QA, dev, etc.). Services can have 1 or more environments with resources, but other resources (like CI/CD, etc.) live directly on the service level, not the environment level. There are two ways to work with Environments:

Working with Environments through a Service

Working with Environments through the Summary Page

Working with Environments through a Service

To view an environment, select the service and then select Environments on the Services menu. There you will see a summary of all your environments for a particular service.

To view the details, select Details on the particular environment you wish to view. You will now see the resource details of that environment. You can map new resources or remove existing resources from this view. You can also see a visual representation of your environment.

Adding an Environment

To add a new environment to a service, select the + Add Environment button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Pick an existing environment or create a new one.

Now map your resources to the environment by selecting Map Resources button on the right side. Now select the resources to add to that environment. You can use the filters on the right side of the page to find the resources you are looking for. Select them and then select the Map button in the upper right of the page to add the selected resources to your environment.

You will then see your mapped resources in the Environments detailed view...

...and in the Environments Summary view.

Removing an Environment

If you wish to remove an environment from a Service, select Remove on the card of the environment you wish to remove.

Once confirmed, you will not longer see that environment in the Environments Summary View

Working with Environments through the Summary Page

You can get to the Environments Summary Page through a link on the main dashboard in the Environments box or from the main menu under Catalog.

The Environments Summary page will show all your environments in a single view with the number of Services connected and the number of Resources in that environment.

Both lists can be expanded to see details and link directly to those services and resources.

You can also view the details of the Environment by clicking on the name or on the View button. There you will see a more detailed view of the environments resources and services on the right side.

You can expand the resource and services list further and they will provide links to the details as selected.

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