Single Sign On (SSO)

Enable SAML Single Sign-On for your organization in configure8

See in the submenu detailed documentation about how to set-up SSO in:

Or follow the generic steps below to set up SSO for other providers.

To enable single sign-on (SSO) for your organization, click on the side menu Settings -> Identity Management -> SSO -> Setup SSO.

You must be a configure8 administrator for your organization to enable Single Sign-on

configure8 uses SAML to enable single sign-in. You will be prompted for the login URL and Signing Certificate provided by your identity provider (IdP). Copy and paste those items here. Then select Save.

When admins configure SAML on the IdP side, they have to map the first name and last name to "FirstName" and "LastName" respectfully.

Once you have entered your IdP information, you will be provided with a URL for everyone in your company to use when signing into the configure8 app.

You are also provided with the metadata that your IdP will need in order to know what to do with the configure8 request when it comes in. Click on the Generate Metadata to get the Identity ID and callback URL for your IdP.

We provide the metadata in XML format. Some IdP's, only take text which should be easy to parse from the XML if needed.

Enter the metadata into your IdP to finish setting up single single sign-on for your organization.

Make sure you provide your users with the Sign-on URL. They won't be able to login using their company email anymore once it is enabled.

You can go back to your Single Sign-on page at any time to edit, disable or delete your configuration.

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