Service Metadata

Add additional metadata to your services.

Services have the ability to have pieces of custom metadata attached to them. There are many reasons you may want to do this. For example:

  • Providing a link between your configure8 service and what that service may be referred to in some other platform or tool

  • Adding custom information you currently track internally in spreadsheets or other non-programmatic documentation

  • Adding Auto Map tags to keep your resources, environments and services synchronized

Adding Metadata

To add metadata, go to a service page, find the Metadata section on the right menu and click + Add Metadata:

You have the following Metadata types:

Nickname type is the unique combination of Name + Value

Select the type, input the Name and Value and click outside the text box to save:

You can add as much metadata as you'd like.

You can delete metadata similarly by hitting X next to any metadata value you want to delete:

Using and filtering by Metadata

With the metadata on on the service, you can navigate to the Services table and filter by Metadata:

You can also create a Scorecard that verifies information present on Service Metadata by using this Scorecard checks:

  • Metadata Key Check: Check if a specific Metadata is present in the Services. Can look for either name, type or value.

  • Metadata Match: Check a specific Metadata key and perform a Json query to compare its content.

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