User dynamic fields

In creating self-service actions, you can choose dynamic inputs from your user account.

What are user dynamic fields?

User dynamic fields are a predefined syntax that users can use to connect their SSA with their user account data. By using these dynamic fields instead of hardcoding the values to be sent to the third-party webhook, you can send dynamic data such as ID, first name, last name, email, and display name.

User dynamic fields can be used in a single string value, for example, in the default value, part of the webhook URL, or payload:


This will result in a string UUID value (3e55c657-e487-4b3f-9738-b136c98ab1ff) belonging to the logged-in user running the self-service action.

Where can I use dynamic fields?

User dynamic fields are usable inside ssa user inputs:

    "type": "text",
    "title": "User id",
    "payloadName": "user_id",
    "defaultValue": "{{}}"

Webhook URLs:{{}}

Please don't use spaces when you want to use dynamic fields in URLs.



Webhook headers:

  "someKey": "{{user.lastName}}"

Query params:


Please don't use spaces when using dynamic fields in query parameters.

WRONG: {{}}


And payload:

  "payloadKey": "{{user.displayName}}"

What fields are available to use

The fields that the user can use to access its properties are as follows:

  • id

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • email

  • displayName

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