AWS Security Hub

Summary - Creating AWS Security Hub integration

  1. Create a AWS credential.

  2. Done. You can add info to Service as a plugin or view it on resources.

AWS Security Hub provides you with a comprehensive view of your security state in AWS and helps you assess your AWS environment against security industry standards and best practices.

Security Hub collects security data across AWS accounts, AWS services, and supported third-party products and helps you analyze your security trends and identify the highest priority security issues.

Activating discovery for AWS Security Hub

When creating the credentials for AWS cloud account we will already provision the necessary permissions for AWS Security Hub in the CloudFormation template.

Simple turn on switcher in case you would like also to fetch AWS Security Hub Findings. Learn more about it here or read this to understand how configure8 handles this integration.

In case when Security Hub is not enabled or this ARN doesn't have proper permissions from AWS side, you will be notified by next message:

Discovery for Security Hub would be disabled automatically in case credentials for Security Hub are not valid.

Adding a AWS Security Hub Plug-in to your Services

To add a AWS Security Hub plug-in to your service, start by selecting a service from your catalog Services listing.

From your service detail page, select the Add Plug-in button.

From the Plugins dialog, browse through the list of available plugins and select the AWS Security Hub plug-in by clicking on the Add button:

Enter the following information:

  • Plugin Title: the title of the plug-in to display on the service overview page.

Your AWS Security Hub findings for Cloud Resources that relate to this service will be presented in the plugin section. You can click in the rows to visualize the items directly on the resources page.

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