API Key Management

Use our API for more convenient integration


You can find you API key management page in Settings.

To create API key, click on Add API Key button at the top right corner of the page.

The dialog with options for new API key will be prompted. In order to create API key, you have to specify its name, expiration period, scope and role.

Only admins can create API keys with role Admin.

Read scope is a default scope for key. Both admins and regular users can add write scope for key's permissions scope.

After clicking on Add button, your new API key will be displayed.

Make sure you copied and saved the key, since Configure8 API keys are irretrievable, therefore this is the only time it is shown to you.

Please also make sure that you are not exposing your API keys. Keep them secure and do not share them publicly!

And now you are ready to use our API! Check out API documentation reference for more information.


All your keys are displayed on your main API keys page. Here you can find such information as creation, expiration and last usage date, scope and role of keys.

Expired key are also shown in the table along with active keys.

Admins can see all keys that belong to organisation, as well as revoke them. Users can manage only the keys that they have created.

In order to easily find the key, you can perform search by name.


To revoke a key, go to actions and click on three dots. You will see revoke button and the following confirmation of action.

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