Role-Based Access Control

Configure8 has a built-in lightweight RBAC system that allows you to control visibility and ownership of your Credentials, Catalog entities, Scorecards and Self-service actions across your organization.


A user in configure8 can be either an Admin or an User.


Administrators have full access (create/view/modify/delete) to all Configure8 features and Catalog entities:

  • Credentials

  • Services

  • Environments

  • Applications

  • Scorecards

  • All Self service actions

They also have full access to system configurations, as:

  • Invite and delete other users

  • Modify other user's profiles

  • Create

  • Modify organization settings

  • Add/modify SSO configuration


Users that are not administrators fit into the User role. Users can be configured throughout the system by the owner and viewer role.


Owners, or people who are a member of a team that is owner of a catalog item are able to edit:

  • Services they own - includes adding plugins, mapping resources, adding existing environments, changing owners, etc.

  • Environments they own

  • Applications they own

  • Scorecards they own

  • Self service actions that are specified as executable by “owners” only for catalog items they own


Viewers, or people who are a member of a team that is a viewer can see catalog items they have visibility, but they can't edit them.

Viewers can see and execute Self-Service Actions that are specified as executable by "all users".

API keys management

Every user has the ability to generate an API key that matches to the permissions associated with their account. This API key can then be used to access our Public API according to the permissions that they have.

Default Access Control

Configure8 implements a default access control configuration for your organization, which can be override by the Visibility Control configuration for specific catalog items and teams.

Visibility Control

Set up specific visibility controls for catalog items and teams. This overrides the company wide Default access control configuration for this specific item.

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