configure8 connects to the services you use to build and operate your software. By connecting external tools, configure8 can associate this information with your services and applications. configure8 has a concept of provider and provider type to help organize your credentials. A provider corresponds to a specific external data provider, so, for example, AWS and JIRA would both be providers. Provider types represent the type of data that the provider brings into configure8. For example, AWS is a Cloud provider type and JIRA is an issue tracking provider type.


Many development organizations have multiple accounts for the same services. Sometimes this is done to isolate data between environments or it could be due to decentralized teams owning their own accounts. Regardless, configure8 allows you to connect many accounts from each provider. Simply add another credential with the proper details and configure8 will unify the data.

Good to know: When connecting multiple accounts for a single provider, use the name field to give it a friendly name so you and your team will know which account for a given provider it references. For example, if you have two AWS accounts, one for your QA environment and one for production, you'd configure two providers and name them something like "AWS QA account" and "AWS production account"

Managing Credentials

Only Administrators can add credentials within their organization. See our Users settings section for more details.

To access credentials, click on the lock icon in the upper right corner near your name. That will show you all the credentials in your organization.

To add a new credential, click on the + Add Credential button in the upper right corner. Then select the provider you would like to add. Each provider has different settings. See our Plug-ins section for details on each.

Editing, Disabling, and Deleting Credentials

Once you have added a credential, it's now visible in the Credential table. You can click the actions menu on the right of each credential to manage it.

  • Select Edit if you want to change the name or credential information

  • Select Disable if you want to stop the credential from fetching new data but not remove it entirely from configure8

  • Select Delete if you want to remove a credential from configure8 completely

Credential Scheduling

Some credential providers in configure8 run on a schedule to keep data fresh. For these providers, you can set the schedule by selecting settings from the action menu. Here, you can choose the schedule frequency or choose to run an immediate discovery by selecting Run Now.

After a job has run, you will get a message in the notification area at the top right of your screen.

Clicking on the Bell, will show you the details of your job.

Discovery Logs

For all credentials that have a schedule, you can view the discovery log by clicking the (...) in the actions column of the credential you are interested in, and choosing logs.

This will bring up the discovery log for the credential and show you the history of recent discovery jobs for that credential.

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