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Single resource findings

The Single Resource Findings feature provides detailed information about a specific resource, along with AWS Security Hub findings related to that resource. This feature enhances your ability to identify potential security issues and take appropriate actions.

In case if current resource provider is not AWS, Security Hub tab will not be visible.

When you access a specific AWS resource page, you will now find an additional tab labeled "AWS Security Hub: Findings."

The "AWS Security Hub: Findings" tab displays a list of potential security issues specifically associated with the selected resource. We have the following possible actions on this tab:

  • View Specific Findings: You can click on the title of a finding to navigate directly to the corresponding AWS Security Hub finding for more details.

  • Sort and Filter: You have the flexibility to sort the findings by type, severity and compliance status, making it easier to prioritize and address the most critical issues. Additionally, you can filter findings based on severity, title, and compliance status.

Global Resources findings

The Global Resources Findings feature allows you to monitor AWS Security Hub findings across your entire organization's resources. This capability provides a holistic view of security issues affecting your AWS environment.

In the Global Resources view, you can do the following:

  • View All AWS Findings: This view displays all AWS Security Hub findings across your organization's resources.

  • Navigation and Filtering: You can navigate directly to individual AWS findings, filter findings by severity, type, compliance status, and linked services, and sort them by severity and title.

By using the Single Resource Findings and Global Resources Findings features, you can gain deeper insights into the security status of your AWS resources and efficiently manage potential security issues across your organization.

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