Sample Operational Readiness Scorecard

Scorecards as a very flexible and simple way to evaluate your catalog.

See below how to create a simple Operational Readiness Scorecard.

Create a Scorecard

To create a scorecard, go to the Scorecards tab and click +Create Scorecard.

Fill in the scorecard's name and select an icon to represent it in your application.

Set your scorecard's status to Active if you intend to immediately apply it to services and want services owners to get notifications, or set it to Draft if you're going to be building the scorecard and reviewing with stakeholders before you want to activate its measurement on its applied services.

Optionally you can set a Start Date and End Date if the scorecard is intended to be a time-bound (vs. evergreen) initiative. We see this used a lot for migration-type initiatives.

Click Create Scorecard to create and begin selecting services and checks.

Add operational readiness checks

Checks are the heart and soul of Scorecards. They are what get configured and evaluated against the scorecard's applied services to produce a score.

To add a check, navigate to a scorecard, and under the Checks section, click + Add Check

For this example, we will add the following checks:

Application Association Count

Checks if a Service is associate with at least one application.

Owner count

Check if a Service is owned by at least one user

Check if a Service has at least one link to it's documentation.

CI/CD configured

Check if a Service has CI/CD configured

Apply to services

Scorecards operate on services. You must select one or more services that your scorecard will be evaluated against. To do this, enter your Scorecard and click +Apply to a Service.

Now, select the desired services from the list and click save. You can add and remove services to a scorecard at any time.

Add Scorecard plugin to your services

To add the scorecard plug-in, navigate to your service detail page (Catalog -> Services, select the desired service), and select + Add Plugin from the page:

Select Scorecards from the plug-in list, and select the scorecards you want to add to this Service:

This will add the scorecard widget to your service page. You can now see the scorecard widget and expand it to see details:

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