Inviting and Managing your Users

Inviting New Users

You can invite new users to your organization by clicking on the +Invite Users button in the upper right corner of the Users tab. You can then enter the emails (as many as you want) and configure8 will send an email invitation to the new users.

You can resend an invitation (if they have not accepted) or disable a user by clicking on the Actions menu on the far right of a users name.

User Management

You can manage your organization's users by navigating to the Users tab in the People menu. There you can see all the users in your organization (we removed the emails from our screen shot below)

You can edit a users information by clicking on the user to drill into their details.

From there you can change

  • Display Name

  • Role (User / Admin)

  • Status (Active / Disabled)

Only Admin users can modify user's information.

Using the user's Action menu, you can also:

  • Delete a user - this will remove them from the system entirely

  • Reset Password - this will send an email password reset to the user

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