Creating Teams

configure8 enables you to create teams that you can use to define ownership of your catalog resources such as services, environments, applications, and scorecards. To create a new team, navigate to the People tab and select the Teams sub-tab. From here, you can press the Create Team button to add a new team to your organization.

Enter the team's name, owners, Visibility Control, Viewers and a description.

Visibility control works in the same way as for other resources, but were applied to the group information - owners, viewers, users, applications, services and environments.

Adding Users to a Team

Navigate to the team you'd like to add users to and click the Add Users button. Select the users you want to add and then click the add button.

Assigning a Team as an Owner

Teams can own anything in configure8 - services, applications, resources, scorecards, and more. Assigning a team as a owner is as simple as assigning a user - simply choose the team from the autocomplete list in the Owners section of the resource

As you assign teams as owners, you'll be able to also view what a team owns from within its Team Page. See the list of applications, Services and Environments owned by the team by simply clicking on the sub-tabs in the team's page.

Assigning a team as an owner of an item in the system will give all users of that team owner permission over that item.

Assigning a Team as an Viewer

In the same way, assigning a team as a viewer will give all users from that team Viewer permission over the item.

Deleting a Team

Navigate to the Team sub-tab and select Delete from the Actions menu to delete a team. You will be prompted to confirm before the team is deleted.

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