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For Devops, Platform Engineers & SREs

Supported Use Cases
  • View all your cross-account, cross-geo, cross-cloud resources in single place
  • Search across all your cross-account, cross-geo, cross-cloud resources
  • Search across all your organization repositories for key info
  • View resource versioning and timelines
  • Insights on resource performance
  • Deep-link to your resources in your provider dashboard
  • View owners (business, product, technical, etc.) of the services you support
  • Know about the on-call personnel and their contact info for each of the services
  • Reduce ticket volume by enabling your developers to determine if an issue is related to a resource or code
  • Find and assess risks due to obsolete technologies.
  • Create a culture of cost-efficiency by democratising access to granular cloud costs by service as well as an organization-wide leaderboard
  • Drill into costs to find “the million dollar staging app” and other hidden costs occluded in a cloud console
  • Scorecard scenarios
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