Azure DevOps

View repositories, repository details, pipelines, pull requests and activity for your Azure DevOps repositories.


In order to enable configure8 to work with Azure DevOps, you'll need to create a personal access token and know your organization name.
After logging into your Azure DevOps account, click User Settings and select Personal access tokens.
Click New Token
In the form that pops up, enter the following details:
  • Name - Give your token a name
  • Organization - Select the organization from the dropdown you want the token to apply to
  • Expiration - Choose the expiration date for the token
  • Scopes - You'll need the following permissions for the token:
    • Build (read)
    • Code (read)
    • Release (read)
    • Work Items (read)
Click Create. Make sure to copy the personal access token as you won't be able to see it again.
Your organization name is found in the URL you use to log in to Azure DevOps ({organization}).

Configuring an Azure DevOps Credential

Navigate to the configure8 Credentials Page (you must be an Admin) and select Add Credential.
Enter a friendly name for the credential (for display on the Credentials page), along with the personal access token you created and your organization name.
Save the credential.
configure8 will now kick off a discovery job.

Using Azure DevOps in configure8

Once your initial discovery job is complete, you'll be able to create new services referencing your Azure DevOps repositories.
configure8 also provides the following plug-ins for service pages:
  • Azure DevOps - Pipelines - Add this to your service page to see all your pipelines and execution results
  • Azure DevOps - Activity - Add this to your service page to see recent activity for the Azure DevOps repository on the selected service
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