Onboarding Your Catalog

Recommendation on how to best onboard your software ecosystem and team to configure8. We put these in order of what we think makes the most sense but only "Account Creation" has to go first.

Onboarding Playbook

The following sections describe the playbook you can use to onboard your catalog into configure8. For easier onboarding follow the order listed below:

Account Creation

Everything starts with a configure8 account.


configure8 connects to the services you use to build and operate your software. By connecting external tools, configure8 can associate this information with your services and applications. Credentials allow configure8 to read and publish data using external sources such as GitHub, AWS, Jira, Opsgenie, etc.
configure8 has a concept of provider and provider type to help organize your credentials. A provider corresponds to a specific external data provider, so, for example, AWS and JIRA would both be providers. Provider types represent the type of data that the provider brings into configure8. For example, AWS is a Cloud provider type and JIRA is an issue tracking provider type.


There are multiple places to start building your catalog. You can do a top-down approach by creating your applications first and then creating the services that are associated with the application.
Alternatively, you can start with the basic building blocks that is a service and then map it to an application.
The following pages describe how to create these catalog items as well as manage them.

Inviting your team

Invite your team to use configure8 tool

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